As a late 20 something new mom I googled my life away for answers to everything from why I got shooting pains from my ass cheeks to my tippy toes to why pooping had become a distant memory. I would put my “research” skills to the test buying everything that was rated “best” and trying to solve all of my new found problems. I co founded a Facebook mommy group that started with about 4 members. We shared info and I soon realized that all of the things I was going through they were too! It inspired me to start Milf and create a cool space where moms didn’t have to take themselves too seriously and could turn to for information and support. That Facebook group boasts over 800 members to date.

Now for the boring autobiographical stuff…. 


Let’s see. I was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY (neener neener neener we have a stadium!) I’ve always had a love for writing and studied English and Creative Writing in college. Somehow I ended up in retail where I’ve spent about 10 + yrs of my life in management and operational roles. I have always been very self motivated and focused on career, travel and enjoying life. I didn’t plan to get pregnant but it completely changed my life. Becoming a mom has taught me to slow down (or try to), it has taught me about love, it has taught me about prioritizing, it has taught be about myself. Though it isn’t easy, especially working full time and taking on a ton of other creative projects and outlets like this one, I wouldn’t trade a second of it. So in short I kind of got knocked up went on maternity leave and decided to write!mouth-308697_960_720

AngieC. | Becoming A Milf

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