I’m a bit obsessed, well…a lot obsessed with all things beauty! My skin care regimen is ever-changing as I try different products that complement one another! I get so excited about these products that I tell anyone and everyone that will listen so naturally I have to share these awesome beauty finds with my readers!

I suffer from dehydrated, dry, flaky skin so I’m usually in search of moisture rich products that pack a punch and can brighten and smooth my face. One of my absolute favorite go to products is the Beauty Elixir by Caudalie

It is an amazing product that  “wakes up” your face! It provides an immediate brightening effect to your skin leaving you looking revived and vibrant. It is great for all skin tones and types and has a nature-like, plant like, light scent. It’s small enough to carry everywhere (which I do) and it’s perfect for a mid day pick me up! I’ve probably repurchased this product like 100x’s! 


caudalie bag


What it is? It’s actually a toning mist that tightens pores and delivers immediate radiance to your skin. It has a ton of goodness like grape extract, rosemary and rose essential oil.

What You’ll Love: You will legitimately see a difference INSTANTLY!

What You May Not Be Crazy About: The “plant like” scent though light may not be appealing to everyone. I especially find that guys don’t really like the smell. It dissipates pretty quickly though.

What Your Wallet Says: Coming in around $19 it’s well worth it and the small 1oz bottle lasts pretty long considering you only need one spritz.

I have literally sprayed this on my friend’s faces!

Trust me! Thank me later!

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