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I’m due in 7 days.

Perhaps subconsciously I’m expecting to have to be induced again like the first go round. Maybe I’m just continuing the pattern of being ridiculously delayed with this pregnancy, like confirming it at 16 weeks! Maybe I’m just completely delusional and haven’t really realized that I’m carrying a bowling ball underneath my shirt.

I mean after all I’m still traveling to and from work on the NYC subway well aware that I could flood the entire seat with my gush of goo water and end up that “sick passenger” everyone hates during their commute. I stopped at least a week before my due date the first time. Maybe because I’m too busy trying to wean my 21 month old off his pacifier and get him to stay asleep in his own bed oh and introduce the potty that I just haven’t given any thought to the fact that I’m due in 7 days.

1,2,3,4,5,6,7 days.

Or it could be because I can’t sleep, at all and passing out at 4 and 5am every night for the last few weeks has finally driven me completely mad. That plus the super intense Braxton Hicks and that weird sliding thing the baby does because she’s out of room, has probably just made me completely block out the fact that I could go into labor at any minute.

I have so much left to do:

– Choose a name
Maybe not a big deal to everyone but calling her “Baby ?” is getting old. With my son I had a list of names years before conception and picking a name from the list was as easy as reading them aloud and getting a “yes” or “no” from dad. This time around I’ve even done a poll for family and friends to vote on names to no avail. Looks like “Baby ?” will be getting a name sometime after her arrival.

– Wash clothes
Yea baby #1 I bought a special apartment friendly washer to carefully wash his new threads in Dreft and hang dry them with care. I then sorted them by size and type and had them sitting waiting for him weeks prior to his arrival.This time I have a huge bag or two of cute frill and tutu onesies in what sizes I don’t know just waiting to be washed.

– Pack my hospital bag
An easy one right? Especially as a second time mom. I know all the crap not to put in the bag so I should be able to make one in no time. But I still haven’t. I made the list what, two days ago and the bag is sitting in the “baby’s room” amidst baby shower gifts and God knows what else, just empty.

– Infant Car seat
Yea this one is probably the most ridiculous especially since you literally cannot take the baby home without one. I’m just going to stop there with this one.

– Decide what to do with my first child
I would love for my mom to be in the delivery room. The problem is my mom is my son’s caretaker. So I still haven’t actually figured out where my son will be when I’m in labor and delivery. I should get on that…

Well, somehow I’ve made time to create this post so hopefully I can get started on this short but important to do list. With just a week to go it is pretty ridiculous! Wish me luck!


What are some of your to do items during the last few weeks of pregnancy?

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