So, where I’ve been…

I’ve been seriously neglecting this site. Not for lack of caring but just because adjusting to this world of working mom has proven to be quite challenging. My Superwoman cape that I once wore proudly as I sometimes leapt from full-time classes to full-time work to full-time girlfriend, has long been crumpled in a corner and covered with dust. Nowadays I’m exhausted, mentally and physically from just trying to work all day and produce results (I’m a sales manager) and somehow balance that with being an attentive fiancĂ© and mom.

I underestimated it all I think. Women can make it look so effortless sometimes that I think I just kind of assumed I would be able to handle it all without a hitch. I was definitely wrong. But with a now 18 month old, I’m slowly adjusting to my new normal and have every intention of picking up where I left off and actually staying true to my blog resolutions that I attempted last year.

So, that’s where I’ve been. Struggling to find myself in this new role as mom and balancing that with my long time roles as full-time worker and fiancĂ©. Where I’m going? That’s a loaded question! Lol! I hope to be publishing more often and really getting this site off the ground annnnnnd I’m pregnant again! 6 months! I have an idea all of this “balancing” I’ve just learned is about to be on reset once the new baby arrives! I’ll tell you all about that and more in the days to come! Hope you’re ready! Because finally, I am!

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