I get it, after all the years of being on the outside looking in and wondering what was the big deal when I would hear mothers complain of their busy schedules and tasks to complete, I get it! I’m always on the move, always going. My feet always hurt, my back aches and I’m dizzied with the day to day. As a first time mom to an almost 1yr old, I’m happy about how I’ve navigated through those new mom moments (with the help of friends) and I’m even happier that through that navigation I’ve learned the ultimate mom secret. “Balance” I would be even happier though, if I learned how to get some!

As a working mom my life is crazy! There was a schedule at one time, but it just kind of disappeared. There are some remnants of a set schedule, but really, my son dictates the schedule. When he wakes I wake and we go from there. I work retail so my hours are usually late and sporadic.You get to the point that you feel like you’re doing everything and you’ve done almost nothing! Texts and calls go unreturned for hours, sometimes days, plans to hang out usually never get solidified, the to do list you make for yourself of the same 5 things you “need” to do when you get home is a joke by the time you actually get home. I end up spending some time with the baby before he goes to sleep, showering, eating some sort of dinner and then its midnight and I can barely keep my eyes open.  I neglect the hubby, I neglect my home most of the times, and I neglect myself. I feel like I’m not able to give 100% to any one thing because I am always looking ahead at all the other things that need to be done after that.

I know the solution. I know that once I find the right balance things get a bit more sane. But the issue is I have no idea how to get it! Routine and balance are quite different and right now I have a routine that includes zero balance! So vet moms I turn to you, how do you do it? What are the ways you balance your work and family life in order to remain a normal functioning person and not a mostly sleep deprived robot that only has one button that says, “GO”?  

A version of this post was originally made on mommy site: Live Mommihood

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  1. Great honest share, sometimes I find that best way to balance is to learn to say no and to learn that it is ok to let certain habits go and just breathe. I found that for me setting a schedule worked best. Laundry while my daughter napped, cooking while my daughter played in her playpen etc… I also at times napped when she napped lol so that I could be energized as well 🙂 Best of luck and remember to not ever be too hard on yourself 🙂

    • Thanks again Mari! I am working on scheduling, I find it harder because working retail I don’t have a set schedule, so it varies but I am learning to def let go of certain habits and breathing. Thanks for the tips!

  2. I totally agree with Mari. Having a schedule is great. My weeks are always different as well. So, I sit down Sunday evening and write it for the week. Best of luck you will find your balance and what works for you.

    • I will definitely look into setting one day a week to write for the week and schedule postings! Thanks so much for the great advice

  3. As a mom of a one and three year old, I’ve found that there isn’t really such a thing as “balance.” If I’m giving my all at home, something is lacking at work. If I’m giving my all at work, hubby is getting neglected. What I’ve learned to do is prioritize. I can put the dishes to the side if it means playtime with the kids. I can ignore emails if it means watching Netflix with my husband. Motherhood is a juggling act. It’s also important to take time for yourself. I wake up earlier and get in 20 minutes of Pilates before everyone else wakes up. Hope you get into your mommy groove soon! It takes a little time, but things start to fall into place.

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