“Becoming a mother changed my life…”  It’s a phrase you hear often but never quite pay attention to or understand until it happens to you. There is no way to completely express the profound way in which creating, carrying and birthing life changes you. It’s a defining moment for many women. Your perspective on the world changes, your life truly changes. Things that were important aren’t, things that weren’t suddenly are. You find that this complicated existence you lived up until this point is so much more simpler than you thought, and your baby ends up teaching you.

Here are 10 Life Lessons from my Newborn Son:

  • Love unconditionally

There is no love like that between you and your child. It is almost always immediate, it is pure and unadulterated, it is unconditional and everlasting. It’s the way everyone should love.

  • There is happiness is simplicity

Babies are so simple. While the shock and stress that comes with having a baby can at first seem daunting, after you get the hang of things they become so simple to understand. Love me, feed me, change me, stimulate me, among other things. And as they grow it is the simplest of things that make them smile. Simple=happy. Life doesn’t have to be as complicated as we grown ups make it.

  • Kisses should be wet

When your baby looks you in the eye and leans in to give you a gummy, drooly, messy kiss it will be the greatest kiss of your life. The sloppier the better!

  • Learn something new every day

Babies are constantly learning. Everything is a learning experience. They seek, they explore, they experiment, they are fearless in their quest for knowledge. We should be too.

  • Laugh

If babies can laugh for any and everything and grin ear to ear certainly we can take a break from our scowling and frown lines to do the same. Don’t take yourself too seriously.

  • Make time to play

We work hard. Playing and being stimulated is essential to a growing baby. Somewhere along the line we get so caught up in the day to day routine of our 9-5 that we forget to take the time out to have fun. Everyone needs a little fun stimulation.

  • Cry when you need to

Too often us moms end up with the Supermom complex. We feel we can do it all and we do. But sometimes we get overwhelmed, we get exhausted, we get discouraged, and sometimes we just need to cry. You can.

  • Take Naps

This one is self explanatory enough but is almost always skipped. A frazzled bat shit crazy woman that hasn’t slept properly in 48+ hours is no good to anyone! Lay down!

  • Find your voice and use it

The “coos” and “aahs” that turn to longer screams and screeching and eventually “ma” and “dada” is your baby’s way of learning how to communicate. As adults we forget this basic principle, we lose our voices. You have a voice, you have opinions, you have feelings, you have thoughts, imagine how much easier life would be if we communicated more effectively.

  • Fall down and get up smiling

As babies go out into the world filled with love, giving wet kisses, excited by simplicity, learning, laughing, screaming, crying, playing, napping, completely immersed in life and sensation and emotion, sometimes they fall. As a matter of fact they fall a lot, but almost every time they fall they get up with a huge smile. It may have hurt, it may have stopped them from doing whatever it was they were trying to do, but they get up happy, excited and ready to try again. Babies live life fully and adults can definitely learn from that.

It’s amazing learning the world anew through the eyes of your child and through it they teach us basic lessons that can improve your own life. My son has taught me this and more, all before he’s even walking or talking. I am forever changed and forever indebted.



What has your baby taught you?

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