Happy New Year! Hey better late than never right?

I’ve seriously been MIA! Though I have been making my rounds on some of my social networks like Twitter and Instagram I have neglected the very most important aspect of blogging…my blog! I have realized in my short time blogging just how intense of a process it is. Creating meaningful content takes time, time that as a new mom with a full-time retail job, I have found is hard to come by. The ever elusive balancing act that all mothers are constantly trying to maintain is one that I am only just figuring out.

But…I’m BACK! I started this blog in June and with 6 months under my belt I am looking forward to my first full year of sharing this journey with you! In the spirit of resolutions, I have a few goals for the blog in 2014.

More Content

In the new year I want to have even more content. I have so much to say and I want to share it with you all and have you weigh in on all of the crazy things that happen in my mind and in my life. With that said I want to have a minimum of  at least 3 posts per week, revisiting and revamping some weekly post ideas  like Mommy Mondays, Want It Wednesdays, and Fashion Fridays.

Get you guys to like me

Though I don’t mind having a good conversation with myself from time to time, I would love to have more people following the site and my social networks. Readers, traffic, visitors whatever you want to call it, I want to reach a broader audience and create a following of my own. To do this I will increase my presence in mom communities like Bloggy Moms, that I love and the countless others I have joined from Cafe Mom to Circle of Moms. I will also increase my presence on my social networking sites, paying more attention to Pinterest and Facebook.

Do the fun stuff

I am obsessed with all of these blog link ups, giveaways, deals and shops. In the new year I hope to offer these to you!


I just want to continue creating great content and hopefully do great things with the site!

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