Ok, you got me. Kim Kardashian and I are not BFFs and though I hold myself in a high regard I’m pretty sure she’s never heard of me. After I wrote about the 3 types of friends you have during pregnancy, I read a hilarious article in the Huffington Post that detailed some annoying people you meet while pregnant, one of which happened to be the celebrity that was pregnant the same time as you. Kim was one of those celebs for me.

I, like many people followed along with the stories of Kim’s pregnancy fashion, and travels and thoughts about pregnancy. My due date was June 12 and Kim’s original reported due date was in July, so I was excited to see what sort of large-scale Kardashian baby shower would be thrown. My baby shower was on May 4th, and I literally took almost 5 months to plan it. Starting in January, my Alice in Wonderland/Mad Hatter tea party styled shower was carefully planned. I was a bit…obsessed.

The first thing I did was determine a theme. Having a theme makes it easier to determine all of the other details of the shower. I had the idea of an Alice in Wonderland themed party long before I was pregnant but never acted on it well, because it would be weird to just have a random Alice in Wonderland themed party! The specific scene I wanted to model was the Mad Hatter Tea Party. After choosing a theme I needed a location that would bring my vision to life.

I found a beautiful outdoor Garden that was the perfect setting for the event.

Garden Set Up

Kim also had a beautiful garden oasis as the setting for her shower.



After theme and location, it’s then time to choose invitations! I wanted the invitations to be something unexpected, something special, something that could also serve as keepsakes for my guests. I used ivory colored parchment paper  and designed the invitation on Microsoft Word. I then used tags, ribbon and craft keys from Michael’s craft store and rolled the invitations like scrolls. The tags read “Open Me” like the tags from Alice in Wonderland.

Invitation Paper Invitation Rolled

To mail these scrolls I needed equally unique packaging. I found tube mailers at the Container Store, but they also sell similar ones on Amazon.

Tube Mailer

Kim K, yes back to Kim, also had the idea to do a unique and personal invite that could double as a keepsake. Hers of course was wayyyy more fabulous than mine, a throwback to the old school ballerina music jewelry box, playing Kanye’s song, but you get it, the idea was the same!

Invite ComparePop&Prim


After your invites go out it’s  really time to get into the rest of the details for the event. What type of food do you want to serve? Do you want a cake? If so what do you want it to look like? What keep sakes will you have for your guests? What type of games will you play? The list goes on. In addition to all of that you also need to determine your decor and other elements that will make the shower special. I probably spent the bulk of my time and budget with this. I envisioned creating Wonderland!

My tables were covered in different color cloth and had tea pot centerpieces. I found “This Way” and “That Way” signs on Etsy, and a ton of props like the Card deck hedges and clocks. My keepsakes were small potion bottles much like the one Alice drank in the movie, filled with grass and small M&Ms that read my name and date of the event.
TableCenterpiece Final A&I_5.4.13-19
This Way Sign That Way Sign Clock Chair Hedge

With everything in place, you have to remember that this is your day, and all eyes will be on you. Finding a baby shower outfit is so tedious it may deserve its own post! I ended up with a white dress as did Ms. Kardashian! To top it off Kim gave birth to baby North on June 15th one day after I gave birth to my son and reportedly 5 weeks early! Stole my shine!


I found it hilarious that my “pregnant celeb” and I had a few baby shower similarities! Baby shower planning is a ton of work and somehow becomes this mini wedding! Although I had fun planning and then executing on my baby shower vision, I wouldn’t recommend it! Leave it to your friends and let them figure it out!

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