Forget about manic Mondays! From now on let Monday take on a whole new meaning! On “Mommy Mondays” put YOU first. Every week I will detail something easy to do just for yourself! Feel free to comment if you followed this week’s task.

This week’s “Mommy Monday” task is to:

Take longer at the grocery store (or performing any out of the house errands)


Me TimeAngieC. | Becoming A Milf
Let’s face it, as moms we are severely lacking “Me Time.” In dealing with everything from the kids, to dinner, to work, to daily errands, we always seem to be too busy for well…ourselves! With that said anytime you can be away from the chaos that is home, without the kids, without hubby, slow yourself down. I learned this from my sister who is also a mom, she said she would go to the grocery store and take FOREVER just slowly browsing through the aisles as if she’d never been there before. After trying it myself I have to say it does really work! It allows you to be alone with your thoughts and kind of hit reset so you have the energy to finish the day. It doesn’t seem like much, but try it! You’ll thank me later.


Try today’s Mommy Monday task and tell me about it!

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  1. As moms we take what we can get and it’s amazing how much of an impact something this simple can have on your day! Thank you and thanks for visiting!

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