Forget about manic Mondays! From now on let Monday take on a whole new meaning! On “Mommy Mondays” put YOU first. Every week I will detail something easy to do just for yourself! Feel free to comment if you followed this week’s task.


This week’s “Mommy Monday” task is to:

Join/Create a Mommy Group


I previously mentioned that I joined a Facebook mom group early on in my pregnancy. We all have friends and family that support us during pregnancy and motherhood but no one can understand you as well as another pregnant woman or another mom. As predominantly first timers, we were all able to share our annoyances with being pregnant without being judged, we were able to exchange gross photos of mucus plugs (yup), talk about our fears and hopes and create an amazing bond. The group to most of us served as an amazing outlet and free space.

If you’re already a blogger and reading this blog chances are you are apart of some sort of blogging/mom network, if you’re not already or aren’t a blogger try creating your own private Facebook group with some of your friends that are also mothers, let them add their friends that are mothers and get your own community started. It is an amazing experience to be able to laugh at yourself in a group of peers and realize that you’re not the only one that thought, did, or experienced “that.”


Try today’s Mommy Monday task and tell me about it!

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