Pregnancy is a pretty exciting time in your life, whether its your first baby or your fifth, pregnancy is always a life changing event. It doesn’t just affect your life but also the lives of those closest to you. You soon find that your friends fall into one of three categories, “The friend that has been pregnant”, “The friend that never wants to get pregnant”, and “The friend that can’t wait to get pregnant.”

“The friend that has been pregnant” is both a blessing and curse. On the one hand she has been there and can offer up some great advice, but at the same time the advice may come unsolicited. She also can relate to you in many ways but because she’s been through it already she can also be a bit insensitive or nonchalant. She encourages you to rest whenever possible but harasses you with tidbits about inducing labor stating that you, “have to try castor oil!” When you do have a question like, “OMG why do I have this crippling pain that starts at my butt and shoots down my leg?” she dryly replies, “O that’s normal and it’s going to get worse. Did you see that episode of Scandal last night?” With her you take the good with the bad since she does have insight.

Her Instagram description says, “No ones mama and loving it!” On Mother’s Day she posts pics of her and her Shitzu, she is “The friend that never wants to get pregnant.” When she found out she was shocked and borderline appalled. She said something like, “another one bites the dust!” or “better you than me!”She will probably be the one that reminds you most of your pre baby life and she will annoy you. Her statements though not maliciously intended will almost always hit a sore spot and you will probably wonder how you’ve been friends this long with this crazy anti baby lady! The upside about her is she will eventually change her mind, as most of us do and then you can be an ass to her and pull the good ol’ “I told you so” card.

She wants to be pregnant vicariously through you. By far the most annoying of the friend types, “The friend that can’t wait to get pregnant” will drive you nuts. She has asked all 25 of the most annoying pregnancy questions, she will drill you about every detail, “So how often do you pee?” “Why are your feet swollen?” “Are you ok?” “How do you feel?” She will go on and on about how great “pregnancy looks on you” and tell you that she hopes she can be as pretty or as cool when she’s pregnant. She will criticize you because she thinks she knows it all since she’s read every book about pregnancy ever. “Are you going to get an epidural? I wouldn’t get one if I were you…” You will undoubtedly ignore her phone calls and texts to which she will just reply “guess you’re napping, can’t wait until I get to nap all day.” You will strangle her a million times in your head but she is genuinely happy for you and even happier for herself and her future pregnancy.

Pregnancy brings out the strange in people and your friends are no exception. Whether they’ve been there and done that, want no parts of it or can’t wait for it to be them, your pregnancy is sure to be eventful with them around.

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