I’m a pretty private person. I guess I would say moderately private. When I got pregnant I only told a handful of people. I didn’t even tell my parents right away. It was just…I dunno private! I was still in a state of shock and wanted to take my time telling people. I didn’t even want to tell my job. I figured no one in the workplace would dare ask if I was pregnant or just getting fat. I just wanted to keep my news, my news.

Preg Announcement


At about the 12 week mark, I started to let people know, my immediate family, supervisors, and co workers. I thought that was enough. I mean you figure you tell the people who would actually care to know and that actually see you. Apparently I was wrong. In this age of social networking your entire life can potentially be on display. Important life events such as pregnancy, marriage, buying your first home etc., are all things that you are somehow expected to share with your followers and “friends.”


This was definitely news to me. My friends assumed I was hiding my pregnancy or perhaps was ashamed or even sad about it. I was confused. Pics of me smoking hookah or hanging out with friends at a strip club are one thing, but some sort of pregnancy announcement via social media? Why? What would the point be of informing my modest 450 Instagram followers, that I was expecting? To get likes or to have people comment? No, they explained this is a happy time you should share it with the world. What if I didn’t care for the world to know about my pregnancy? Better yet how would I make my announcement? Should I post a pic of my vagina with a sign that read “Out of Order?”

People really seem to feel this kind of twisted obligation to share this normally private time with their followers. When some of the people who knew of my pregnancy started to make mention about it on my pictures, other people would comment things like, “I had no idea!” and “OMG why didn’t you tell me!” I didn’t tell you because we aren’t real friends silly. Really, what more would my pregnancy be to most people but a standard Instagram conversation?

Follower: Hey did you know Abby was pregnant?
Other Follower: No, how do you know?
Follower: Saw a pic on Instagram
Other Follower: Really when?
Follower: It was posted 11 minutes ago it says
Other Follower: I don’t see it snap shot me a pic
Follower: K
Other Follower: No, wait I see it. Oh wow she is pregnant
Follower: Yup

You could substitute anything for my pregnancy in this conversation and we all know this is exactly how it would go. I guess that was part of my reservation to make it officially known, my pregnancy is not a text conversation or something just to shoot the shit about. And for most people it’s just to be nosy.

I read a cool article recently by Peggy Wang of the Buzzfeed staff, 29 ways to tell everyone you’re preggers that was friggin hilarious. We really are just wired now to kind of create an autobiography of our lives through our social networks.

Should I have just done the vag pic idea then? Do we as a society just share too much? On that note…

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2 comments on “Maybe I Should Just Post My Vagina”

  1. People overshare on social media 🙂 I keep private and public accounts for all my social media. I only post personal things on my private accounts and even then it is only things that I wouldn’t care if everyone in the world knew. I’m pretty private also and prefer it to stay that way 🙂

    • Yes I am pretty much the same way. There are so many expectations to keep up with when it comes to social media! Overshare is an epidemic lol! Thanks for your comment!

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