I’m kind of app obsessed. Well, kind of may be an understatement. I love apps! There really is an app for everything! So it’s no surprise that when I became pregnant and started settling into what would be the next 9 months of my life that I started looking for apps that could assist in the journey.

So here are my favorite MUST HAVE apps that helped me through:

  • Pregnancy + (previously Sprout) –

This was one of my main go-to applications. After setup it takes you through your pregnancy day by day. It offers development info and interactive 3D color models of your baby. It also has a pregnancy timeline, a doctor visit planner that allows you to add questions for your doctor and notes about your visit, a to do list, hospital bag checklist, newborn essentials, weight tracker, kick counter and a contraction timer. I LOVE this app!

  • BabyCenter – My Pregnancy

BabyCenter has a ton of great apps for during pregnancy and after. This particular app was great for learning how your body was changing and what to expect. It also offered great videos and a pregnancy checklist.

  • BabyCenter – My Birth Class

I really didn’t want to go to an actual class so imagine how excited I was when I found this app! This application was amazing! Set up as a three-hour course, you get information from childbirth educators and hear personal birth stories. You get tips from doctors and midwives, get birth plan suggestions, and discuss pain management options and techniques. You can skip around the chapters, pause and go back, which allows you to go through the course at your own pace!

  • Pregnancy Companion II

Another one of my favorite applications, Pregnancy Companion II has a quick reference guide for pregnancy planning, an appointment tracker, and a hydration reminder. My favorite feature though has got to be “Ask the Docs”. You can ask questions to real doctors and really get a response, I’ve used this feature and it’s great!

  • Baby Connect

The most amazing post pregnancy app I have found! This application is a MUST for the well organized baby care taker or parent. The app allows you to track feeding/nursing time, diaper change type and times, sleep patterns, baby moods, activities, milestones and so much more. It also allows for you to create a photo album and diary. The app syncs across your devices which is great to keep both parents on track. The app is easy to use and has made the transition to parenthood a smooth one (or as smooth as it can be).

These were some of my top picks and must have applications after extensive trial and error of many many applications both paid and free.

What are some of your favorite apps?

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