I’ve never really been a doctor person. I’m that girl who will load up on over the counter meds and google home remedies before I go to a doctor, and even then I still probably won’t go. I just don’t like the whole doctor thing, I don’t know why it was just one of those things that when I moved out of home I didn’t keep up with, like making my bed every morning.

At 19 I decided I would like to have sex, and being the incredibly responsible seemingly last virgin in the world I thought it would be a good idea to get birth control. I mean, there was no sense in getting pregnant after waiting this long after everyone else to actually do it. I saw a GYN she checked all my stuff she prescribed me Yasmin, which was super new and cleared acne and sounded great at the time, and I went on my way. I went back ONCE for a follow-up and then for the next 9 years she refilled my scripts. Pretty sure that’s illegal somehow but it happened. I would have the pharmacy call up for a refill and I’d get anywhere from 6 months to a year approved and it just went on like that. Worked for me!

Although Yasmin was the latest and greatest when I first started it, after a few years of being on it (without seeing a doctor) it began to make me sick. I would become nauseated, dehydrated, and feel sluggish. I began taking breaks. I was on one of those breaks when I got pregnant, no surprise there. Somehow during the break my “GYN” also decided to stop refilling my prescriptions, I’m guessing she realized she hadn’t seen me in almost 10 years or maybe she was sued! The GYN that discovered my pregnancy was actually meeting me for the very first time. Oh joy! After she confirmed I was pregnant, new lady inquired about where I lived and wanted to deliver. She recommended I found a doctor “closer to home” for my own “convenience,” but I got the feeling she just didn’t want to be bothered with a new pregnant patient.

So how does one find a GYN? My friends that I did ask were less than enthused about their current providers, and since I was having my first child I really didn’t want to go to someone who didn’t come recommended. So Google search again. Terms like “top obgyn” or “best gyn NYC” or “Brooklyn best ob” was what I would type in for days then a week then another. I was pretty early in the pregnancy and the first woman had given me a prescription for prenatal pills so I had a little time to kill. But I became a bit obsessed, researching the schools they went to and the hospitals they had privileges to and the reviews online. The experience was exhausting, annoying and frustrating. Like seriously, who knows for sure what makes this doctor “better” than this one or the other? This one is near my house and went to Columbia, but this one went to NYU and has a really cool exposed brick in her office, like come on!

In the end I decided to make my decision based on hospital privileges. I decided to go with the one that would have admitting privileges at the hospitals I was interested in delivering in. The doctor I ended up picking was able to work out of 4 of my top hospital choices. I made my appointment, went to see her and found out she JUST stopped working out of all but one of those hospitals recently. Of course she did! After weeks of research and comparison! Of course what became pretty much the main reason for choosing this particular doctor didn’t apply anymore! Ugh!

I’ve never really been a doctor person…

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