I got knocked up on a trip to the Bahamas. Bahama Mama if you will. When I initially was told I was pregnant I was returning from my trip and looking to get a new script for birth control. I had decided to take one of my “breaks” and decided it was time to get back on the pill. My doctor asked me if I was using an alternate form of contraception and I told her no but I had done this before. I didn’t even look over when she checked the stick, because I knew I wouldn’t be pregnant. So imagine my surprise when she chuckled and told me I was. I demanded, yes demanded a blood test. But I didn’t have time to wait around for the results, I was going on another trip!

Aaaaah Miami! My home away from home. South Beach is a love of mine and for 5 days I was to be up, down and around Ocean Drive having a grand ol’ time. A grand time that would include drinking! A hint of a line from a pee test was not going to define this trip. My doctor said she would call me immediately with my results. So do I drink or not? Hell yea I do! I mean if I was pregnant it would’ve been like seconds pregnant! I had just gotten back, my last period was only like a few weeks before. I did some research, meaning I googled of course, and found that most women didn’t even find out until 5-6 weeks, I would’ve been what 2!?? It wasn’t that big of a deal!

Yea! Yea! I can hear your gasps. Well, my doctor called me while I was there and guess what? She said my hormone levels were super low and I could actually get my period any day. Yes! An imminent period was cause for a celebration for the first time in my life, complete with drinks! So I continued on as planned and had great semi intoxicated nights with friends.

Fast forward back to NYC and my follow up appointment. That damn stick was still crying wolf. So we redid the blood work and surprise, surprise guess who was definitely pregnant! “Are you shitting me?” I think was my reaction. There I was drinking without a care and I was pregnant! Great now I was really some sort of delinquent, unfit freak that got wasted for a week while pregnant. I guess it could be worse, I mean I didn’t really know…I mean it’s not like I was smoking…right? Blah!

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